This is a site where one can discover new ways to eat and prepare food, why one would want to eat certain foods and what their benefits are, simple explanations of body systems and how they function and anything else that pertains to achieving true individual health & wellness.

One of my true passions is food. I love shopping for it, preparing it, cooking it, eating it, sharing it and I spend a fair amount of time simply thinking about what it is I will create and how it will benefit my system.

I attended Dalhousie University in my early 20’s where I studied Sociology and Social Anthropology of Health and Illness cross culturally. Then, in 2006, I studied Holistic Nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN). Since then I have been involved in the health and wellness industry in various capacities.

I am fascinated by the ways in which food affects the human body.  How the subtlest of changes or adjustments have such profound, positive effects.  As well as how the way in which we think, feel and view ourselves impacts us at the chemical and cellular level and will ultimately shape who we become.

Our society is flooded with health and wellness information, this can be overwhelming and frustrating. I applaud those who are raising awareness and turning our attention to the subject of personal health.  The message, however, is often skewed, appealing solely to the individual’s desire to be thin; how to attain a certain bodyweight in order to gain acceptance in our image-driven society, and not based on what is necessary to be truly healthy.

Your body is an extremely intelligent, sensitive machine. It is your home and should be considered your most prized possession.  This is not a simple process. It is complex, detailed, and exciting. It will take time, dedication, and patience.  If you so choose, you have the ability to affect lasting, positive & profound personal change.

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